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Taylor Ridge



This is the Terms of the Cherry Tree
Welcome to the Cherry Tree!

Please review the following information prior to downloading any graphics. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!

  • Add a link to The Cherry Tree using the logos provided with each page. Text links are fine, too! Please link to:

    Links should appear on the same page as the adoption, in use.

  • Please do not alter my graphics (i.e. recoloring, resizing, etc.)

  • I do not do special requests; I just don't have the time

  • Please do not link directly to the graphics. Download artwork to your own hard drive.

  • Please do not include graphics in clipart collections, archives, e-groups, mailing lists, or newsgroups.

  • Please do not make banners, awards, tubes, cards, quilt squares, logos, or stationery when using my graphics.

  • Please do not redistribute the graphics, or sell them on compact/floppy disk, or any other form of publishing.

  • Please do not use any of the graphics on sites that display or have links to pornographic, hate or racism material.

  • All graphics are copyright to the Cherry Tree.

  • Thank you for reading, I hope you are enjoying your visit


    If you would like to adopt
    This is not a snagging site
    Before you take anything from my site
    Read my

    What is your name?

    Your realm? http://

    E-mail address?

    Which one would you like to adopt from the Cherry Tree?

    What number? Counting left to right.

    Any further comments?