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Taylor Ridge



Welcome to the Cherry Tree!

I first met Beth in the garden, I was very, very young at the time.
She would always bring me a nice drink and talk away the hours.
Since that very first time, I have grown and have taken up roots
in her garden. We visit every day, she always brings refreshments
and tells me her inner most secrets. I love her company, sometimes she
just sits and writes poetry, and sometimes she sings, and at other times,
she invites others to join us. Beth tells me that they are her pals,
and that's okay, she never forgets about me.

You see, I never talk to Beth, not with words, but every year I bloom for her,
glorious pink flowers and bare big red juicy fruit, for I am the Cherry Tree.

So our adventure through her,
was about to begin.

Dolls by Lyn
We all have our dreams
Enjoy your visit!

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